Can we have a discussion about the idea of "trigger warnings"? I just unfriended someone on FB because of a rather ugly interaction. I won't get into the details of it (because I'm really not sure I was in the right or that she was in the wrong), but it revolved around my posting an image of graphic violence that…

Today in (what I assume is) great student writing: a profile of a women's studies professor that begins, "With her delicate features, blue eyes, and blonde hair, Carrie Preston could double as a porcelain doll, but she hardly handles life with kid gloves."

Any Jezzies with experience in Overeaters Anonymous (OA)? I know there are some 12-steppers around, just not sure if anyone's specifically dealt with compulsive overeating. I'm starting out in the program now and am super nervous, so I'd love to talk to someone with experience if there's anyone like that around. :)